As 2014 dawns, I decided it was time to start a blog. My goals are to hone my creative skills and share some ideas that I hope readers will find interesting or useful.

Some of what I plan to publish will be semi-related to what I do professionally—information and discussion on water science and issues, ranging from the accessible to highly technical. Some material will probably relate to other areas of science and engineering. Other topics may include reviews of books and movies, notes on travel and world affairs, 3D printing tips and tricks, mathematic/statistical computation, cars, games, and more.

To start with, I'll be re-publishing some content that I've previously shared on Facebook or other forums.

A couple of final notes:

  • Contact me if you would like permission to utilize any of my graphics or other content for your own purposes.
  • Anything on this website is my opinion and may not represent the views of my employer/organization.
  • Material related to technical topics presented here is for informational/educational purposes only; any usage you make of it is your own responsibility.

Happy reading!