A Demotivational Poster for May Day

Today is May 1st, and I made a "demotivational"-style poster for the occasion. The LaTeX code (see below) can be easily modified for other posters of this style.

Communism: Even the Germans couldn't make it work

% "Demotivational" poster template in LaTeX 

\documentclass[12 pt,portrait]{article}





\vspace{2.5 cm}

\includegraphics[height=18 cm]{Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1990-0105-029,_Berlin,_Loch_in_Mauer_am_Reichstag.jpg}
%photo from \url{commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1990-0105-029,_Berlin,_Loch_in_Mauer_am_Reichstag.jpg} 
%Licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0, Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1990-0105-029 / Reiche, Hartmut / CC-BY-SA

\vspace{0.5 cm}

{\Huge \textrm{\textcolor{white}{COMMUNISM}}} 

{\large \textsf{\textcolor{white}{Even the Germans couldn't make it work.}}}




The source photo, like this post, has a Creative Commons license.