A Taxonomy of Cheese

Cheese is one of my favourite foods. I also like understanding how things are made. So I wanted to share the following infographic I found about different types of cheese. Also, "Cheese Lovers' Day" was this past Tuesday, so this post is kind of timely.

Different types of cheese are actually hard to categorize systematically, according to Wikipedia. Characteristics such as the type of milk (cow, sheep, goat, etc.), and moisture content are commonly used to classify different cheeses, but there is a lot of variation.

The following infographic comes from the awesomely-named (but no longer active) CurdNerds blog (see the original post here):

Cheese Varieties diagram from Curdnerds.com

My favourite kinds of cheese include English-style and Dutch-style ones.

Mmm, cheese:

Cheese plate

This is probably also a good place to mention that the company I work for has a lot of experience treating wastewater from cheese production and other dairy processing plants.