Add Art

For this week's post, I just have a couple of links to share. About art.

I was asked to share a link to Artsy. It is a website with news on galleries (art museums and commercial galleries), shows, and art that is available for sale. They have a handy search tool that lets you filter works on a number of parameters: price, colour palette, dimensions, etc.

Here are some examples of pages on this site:

(I've used an artist I like and galleries/shows I've been to for examples).

Another art site I like is Wikiart. Their main page has featured works that change regularly, so I like to check it often to see what I can discover. As a wiki-style site, the art shown is public domain or displayed under fair use provisions, so it tends to be oriented to older works (whereas Artsy has a lot of contemporary stuff).

  • They have a tag for paintings that feature boats-and-ships, which is awesome
  • They also have decent coverage of non-western art, such as East Asian paintings (examples) and Arabic calligraphy (examples).