Artistic River Map

I got a new art print from Etsy and wanted to show it off in this post.

Artistic river map, hanging on my wall

This print is a map composed solely of rivers. Rivers, maps, and fractals are some of my favourite things, so I really like how it has some fractal characteristics (here's another art print I got from Etsy that has some fractal characteristics).

Major rivers visible on the map include: Ebro, Rhone, Po, Rhine, Elbe, Danube, and Dnieper. The European watershed separates drainage basins depending on which side of the Gibraltar Strait they enter the ocean or sea. There are a couple of important canals that allow boats to navigate across this watershed.

The artist that made this map, EarthArtAustralia, has many others available, both for different countries and continents, and for features other than rivers (each map has only one feature, though). Here are some examples for Canada—the forest and road ones are really revealing.