CD Stand

This post was 8 years in the making, in a way. It is a woodworking project I started in 2008*, but didn't finish before I left for my master's studies. I found the pieces that I had cut and drilled and stained, and decided to finish it.

* The year 2008 explains why I was building a stand for CDs.

Here are the pieces that I found that had already been cut and drilled and stained. The larger diameter dowels are upright support columns and the small dowels with the darker stain will actually hold the CDs. I remember that drilling evenly spaced holes straight into the centre of the larger dowels took some care.

Found the pieces after 8 years

The small dowels span between the upright columns. It took a few extra hands to get them all lined up and inserted into the glue-filled holes! Each side of the open triangle was clamped and allowed to cure over night; the small dowels had to tie the columns together as well as supporting the CDs.

Gluing up the main part of the stand

The base to support the stand was two pieces of unstained maple, glued together with the aid of a wafer piece. The upright columns were screwed to the base through countersunk holes on the underside.

Gluing up the base

Finally, here is the finished stand holding a few discs. The one on the bottom was the subject of my previous post.

Finished product

Here's a link to a woodworking project I wrote about a couple of years ago. I also have a couple of other DIY projects planned, so stay tuned for those.