Kitchen Cart

This post is a quick description of a recent DIY project I did.

One of my first projects of 2021 was building a storage cart for my kitchen. Here's a picture of it:

Finished cart (except for stain/varnish).

The top surface has space for baskets of bread and fruit. On the right hand side there are shelves for cookbooks and napkins/placemats. On the left, trays and baking sheets can be slotted between some vertical dowels.

The structure is built from "project boards": softwood strips laminated together to make a 36" x 12" board. I trimmed them to 30" long for both the horizontal and vertical pieces.  They are joined together with glue and with dowel pins; while the glue was drying, I used some assembly clamps and tie-down straps to hold everything in place. Here is a picture while the main structure of the cart was under construction:

Angle assembly clamps are very helpful for this sort of thing.

Aside from the project boards, I also used some caster wheels, some dowel rods, and some nominal 1"x2"s—the latter support the middle shelf on the right hand side and the vertical dowels on the left.  

When I was buying the supplies for this project, I noticed that the wood I used cost a lot. If you've done any building projects recently, you've probably noticed the same thing. The commodity price for lumber reflects this: