Links about Walking

For this week, I just have a short post with some links I've come across recently related to hiking and walkable cities (a topic I've written about before).

Strong Towns has some ideas about making more walkable communities. They are too anti-car for my preferences—I think good infrastructure for motorized personal transportation should be part of the mix—but interesting to check out. Missing Middle offers a perspective on how conventional zoning limits housing options that could work well for a lot of people and lead to densities that are more walkable.

Natural Navigator has tips for finding directions with only what you can see around you.

2017 is Canada's 150th anniversary. Lonely Planet named Canada as the top country to visit next year. Also in time for that anniversary, the Trans-Canada Trail is putting on a push to get connected (including on-road and water segments). Here are some recommended sections in NB.

Parkbus is a service connecting people from cities to various national parks (mainly in Ontario for now).

Further from where I am now, I found some nice articles on good hikes in Ontario and Australia & New Zealand.