The World By Numbers

Although my statistics skills are stronger now and I probably would do some things differently now, I still like this analysis I did back in 2010 on some publically-available data on countries around the world. I wrote it on Facebook then a former classmate from UNB who works in the field of International Development posted it on his blog with some additional comments.

Check it out:

Here's an excerpt of my conclusions:

This analysis doesn’t prove anything, as I was only checking for correlations. However, it is suggestive of some things, such as the link between [a lack of] corruption, property rights, and GDP; and the role that free communication has in securing other freedoms. The emergence of expected correlations, such as the ones between civil rights and political freedoms, or between water and sanitation access, or between internet and cell phone usage, suggest that this analysis probably has some validity. Finally, I’d like everyone to realize that there is a wealth of data freely available and interesting patterns can show up if we take the time to look.

Owen's blog is definitely worth browsing around while you're over there.