Uganda Venture: Through Their Lens

On Thursday (6-Nov.), I went to a really cool event to raise money for a great organization. Check out my description in the post below, and consider going if it happens again.

Uganda Venture is a social non-profit that engages in development activities in a village in Uganda. Their activities include micro-lending and IT training. The event on Thursday was a silent auction (plus mingler with drinks and snacks) to raise money for Uganda Venture (UV).

This silent auction was hosted at Planet Hatch, a start-up incubator in Fredericton. It was my first time visiting Planet Hatch, and I was glad for the opportunity to do so—it's a very cool space.

The idea behind this silent auction was very neat. On a recent trip to Uganda, UV had given digital cameras to the village, so that the people there could take pictures of themselves and their community from their own perspective; it was intended to offer a different look at a part of the world that is often portrayed here in the West from an outsider's perspective. This gave the event its name: "Through Their Lens".

UV selected some of these photos and made prints to auction off for their fundraiser. The photos were great; some of them can be seen in the bottom image of this post. The one in the middle was my favourite, but unfortunately I was out-bid on it and a couple of others.

Through Their Lens event

Some of the photos being auctioned