Vox Maps

This post is a brief one; I'm sharing links to a site—well, a section of a site—that I find to be an interesting place to pass some time.

For most of the articles on Vox.com, I'm pretty indifferent towards them. However, they have a maps section that is reliably fascinating (although infrequently updated).

I can happily spend hours perusing maps, so the articles in this section really appeal to me. Vox doesn't make the maps themselves, they just collect them into curated articles (and some maps end up in multiple articles).

Some of the articles there that I've enjoyed include collections of maps and charts explaining:

Also fun is this set of alternate history maps.

I should note that Vox has been criticized recently (by Nate Silver from 538) for not giving sufficient credit to the people who actually make the maps and charts they use—as mentioned above, these are curated collections, not original content. Here is their response. I certainly feel there is a place for aggregating interesting material together (or I wouldn't be sharing this), but it's important to properly credit your sources.