Don't be bored, game

This is a brief, general post about board games. In the future, I plan to write some posts about specific board games and their strategies.

I've previously written about the game of Go that I enjoy playing. But I also enjoy playing other games that may be more casual, involve less strategy, or include more players. Some of my favourites include:

On the subject of board games, friend recommended a show on YouTube to me called "Wil Wheaton's TableTop". It features Wil Wheaton and three guests playing through a board game in each episode. Episodes are typically 25 – 45 minutes long, so the show often speeds through or summarizes the results of turns after playing long enough to demonstrate the gameplay. In addition to showing how the game of the episode is played, there is lots of fun banter and mock-serious Office-style side-bar interviews.

I was excited to hear about a new board games café opening up in Fredericton called Unplugged (I haven't been there yet, and don't know the owners, but think it's a cool idea).

Something I'm looking forward to is receiving a pirate-themed board game that I ordered off of Kickstarter which should be shipping soon.

The statistical website FiveThirtyEight (which I've blogged about recently) had some interesting articles a few months ago on the best and worst board games.

This post has been pretty general and bounced around a lot, but hopefully it sets the stage for some future posts that will focus on specific games and strategies for them.