Southwest Miramichi

Last weekend, I went up to Doaktown and Boistown for part of a day, to see some things along the Southwest Miramichi River.

The places I went were:

  1. Doaktown old train bridge
  2. Priceville suspension bridge
  3. Atlantic Salmon Museum
  4. Central NB Woodsmen's Museum

The best parts were the suspension bridge— which also has a good space for launching canoes—and the Woodsmen's museum.

Neither museum took that long to tour, but they also were inexpensive to enter.

The Atlantic Salmon Museum mainly had photos and fishing paraphernalia (e.g. flies). I'm not a salmon fisherman, so I didn't find it especially interesting.

The Woodsmen's Museum had some great artifacts.

I thought that both museums could benefit from some attention from skilled curators to to improve the presentation of their collections. (I thought the same thing about the Fredericton Region Museum, which I visited to do some research for a recent post).


Old train bridge (now multi-use) in Doaktown:

Old train bridge in Doaktown

Priceville Suspension Bridge:

Priceville Suspension Bridge

Re-created wheelwright's workshop at the Woodsmen's museum, complete with a 10 hp engine linked to belt-drives for the tools:

Belt-powered wheelwright workshop at Woodsmen's museum