A Golden Age for Canadian Sci-Fi

I've noticed that some shows I've been watching on Space have been filmed/produced in Canada, which seemed like an interesting topic for a short post (which is in order after the lengthy one from last week).

Wikipedia has a list of science fiction shows produced mainly in Canada. The current decade has some strong entries.

I've already written about Orphan Black and The Expanse. They are the cream of the crop in my opinion, with tight writing, good sets, and great acting. I'm watching a couple other ones now, that, while not quite on the same level, are still fun: Killjoys and Dark Matter.

Killjoys is about a small team of bounty hunters (reclamation agents, known colloquially as "killjoys"). Their guild has pledged to remain neutral between various political factions, performing warrants for anyone willing to pay. However, the main characters get progressively more drawn into things; both the crew and the guild have hidden depths as well.

Dark Matter begins with the crew of a spaceship waking up from life support pods with no memories but plenty of skills (i.e. basically they are six Jason Bournes). They try to discover who they really are, while staying ahead of people hunting them or items stowed aboard the ship.

They are both in their second seasons now, but here are the original trailers to avoid any spoilers: