Hiatus Announcement

There was a fair bit of a gap prior to my previous post; you should expect a longer one before the next one.

I've decided to take a break from blogging for at least a few months. I have several other things keeping me busy in this season (work, relationships, home renovations). Additionally, I'm trying to write a book and I'd like to direct the creative energy and the time I have for writing toward making some progress on it. Currently, I have around 7,500 words and my target length is 50,000.

On the subject of taking a break, I'm planning to try the Digital Sabbath challenge: taking one day a week away from media/technology for three months. This post has some relevant thoughts on the subject:

You would not want to do this sort of thing all the time. But it might make sense to do periodically - perhaps once a week - as a stopgap measure to combat attention drift. If powerful and pervasive cultural forces are out to get you, you ought to check in from time to time with yourself, and other people with whom you have local, high-quality relationships, to give yourself a chance to notice whether you have gotten got for too much.

See also: this and this.

In the absence of new content, please feel free to browse the archives. Here are the posts from 2019:

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Check back sometime in November—my plan is to pick up again then. Thanks for reading!