As I did last year, I wanted to finish this year with a retrospective post.

This year, I'm most proud of posts where I did some original analysis or promoted some local places/ideas:

I'd consider these my Top 5 posts of the year.

I also made a minimalist map of the US Interstate system, a demonstration of cellular automata in an Excel spreadsheet, and some introductory/reference descriptions on the mathematics of tiling and non-parametric statistics.

I'm fond of this post on significant rivers around the world that I put a click-bait style headline on.

Travelling to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest was one of the year's highlights for me.

I was writing about the refugee/migration crises back in May.

This year, I also wrote reviews about books by Nate Silver, Freya Stark, and David Knight and about the pre-contact Americas and ocean wave dynamics.

2016 will be a new adventure. I don't know yet what it will hold, but I have some goals to practice some languages and get out on some kayaking day-trips and other outdoor adventures—and I also have a reading list started. So there shouldn't be any shortage of material to blog about!

Here is the complete list of posts from 2015 on my blog: