2014 - Year in Review

I started writing this blog early in 2014. Although I haven't always kept to a consistent schedule, I believe I've published a post almost every week. This post is written to wrap up the year, providing a look back (and handy index) to my first year writing this blog.

To start with, here are my Top 10 posts (by no other metric than my own opinion) from 2014:

Probably my most popular post when I shared it on Facebook was a tour itinerary for the Maritimes—this might be a good time to re-read that post to inspire some vacation plans for 2015! Another popular post was on a bookshelf that I built; finishing that woodworking project was also one of my personal accomplishments from the past year. A personal highlight from 2014 was travelling to Scotland with my sister. Travelling to the WEFTEC conference in New Orleans was a personal and professional highlight. Following the conference, I wrote a series of blog posts with some relevance to what I do professionally. A topic that I've blogged about a fair bit over the past year has been 3d printing. Here are a couple of posts with some how-to information that has held up pretty well as I've gained more experience in 3d printing. Another post on 3d printing was more of a one-off: instructions for writing a .stl file by hand (this may be useful to anyone making a script for producing .stl files, however). There were a couple of book reviews I did on subjects that I'm passionate about—water resources and Yemen—that I put a tonne of effort into. To round out the top ten, here's a map I made of NB watersheds.

For the coming year, I plan to continue publishing to this blog. Readers can anticipate more posts on 3d printing, travel, professional topics, book reviews, math/computing, and other things that catch my interest. The most convenient publishing schedule seems to be weekends ± a day, so that's what I'm planning on going forward. Happy New Year, everybody!

Here is the complete list of posts from 2014 (the URL is based on the title or working title of the post):

  • GHOST_URL/welcome/
  • GHOST_URL/about-me/
  • GHOST_URL/my-masters-thesis/
  • GHOST_URL/the-world-by-numbers/
  • GHOST_URL/best-practices-for-3d-printing/
  • GHOST_URL/a-quick-overview-of-new-brunswick-history/
  • GHOST_URL/a-riveting-book-on-the-industrial-revolution/
  • GHOST_URL/chaos-game-sierpinski-triangle/
  • GHOST_URL/the-long-march-of-the-nb-104th/
  • GHOST_URL/neal-stephensons-writing/
  • GHOST_URL/crimea-and-sevastopol/
  • GHOST_URL/writing-an-stl-file-from-scratch/
  • GHOST_URL/marq-de-villiers-lecture-at-unb/
  • GHOST_URL/a-3d-printing-workflow-from-idea-to-finished-product/
  • GHOST_URL/history-through-a-liquid-lens/
  • GHOST_URL/map-of-new-brunswick-watersheds/
  • GHOST_URL/timing-of-river-ice-formation-and-break-up-in-new-brunswick/
  • GHOST_URL/link-solomons-palace/
  • GHOST_URL/a-demotivational-poster-for-may-day/
  • GHOST_URL/making-a-mould-with-a-3d-printer/
  • GHOST_URL/where-people-live-in-new-brunswick/
  • GHOST_URL/an-academic-look-at-the-hydraulic-hypothesis/
  • GHOST_URL/highlights-from-scotland-2014/
  • GHOST_URL/an-itinerary-for-visiting-the-maritimes/
  • GHOST_URL/an-important-new-brunswick-blog/
  • GHOST_URL/getting-started-with-bitcoin-in-canada/
  • GHOST_URL/up-the-creek-with-a-paddle/
  • GHOST_URL/safety-lessons-from-chris-pines-unstoppable/
  • GHOST_URL/is-the-aral-sea-still-shrinking/
  • GHOST_URL/the-expanse-and-the-human/
  • GHOST_URL/sim-citys-laffer-curve/
  • GHOST_URL/nutrient-cycle-infographic-nitrogen/
  • GHOST_URL/link-dassouki-photos/
  • GHOST_URL/eqpahak-island/
  • GHOST_URL/a-home-made-probe-for-dissolved-solids-in-water/
  • GHOST_URL/calibrating-a-homemade-probe/
  • GHOST_URL/shogomoc/
  • GHOST_URL/whence-finance/
  • GHOST_URL/degrees-of-go/
  • GHOST_URL/nutrient-cycle-infographics-carbon-and-sulfur/
  • GHOST_URL/weftec-2014/
  • GHOST_URL/open-access-journals-for-water-and-wastewater/
  • GHOST_URL/asm1-in-octave/
  • GHOST_URL/water-and-wastewater-vocabulary-in-arabic/
  • GHOST_URL/water-energy-nexus/
  • GHOST_URL/uganda-venture-through-their-lens/
  • GHOST_URL/new-bookshelf/
  • GHOST_URL/economics-of-3d-printing/
  • GHOST_URL/theres-more-to-yemen-than-drone-strikes-and-salmon-fishing/
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  • GHOST_URL/2014-year-in-review/