2016 Year In Review

At the transition between years, I like to look back at things I've written (and drawn, etc.) over the past twelve months.

2016 was a good year for me. I'm now a professional engineer. I'm in a good relationship. I took a trip to France that I'd been planning for a while.

My top ten blogging highlights from this year (in my opinion, but in no particular order) have been:

Some goals I have for 2017 include visiting a number of national parks (since they will be free!), kayaking in some new places and doing other outdoor activities (e.g. snowshoeing), continuing to learn some foreign languages, and learning/practicing some programming skills. I also have a few DIY projects in mind and an extensive reading list. I expect some of these things will provide good content for future posts.

Here is the complete list of my posts this year. Together with the year in review posts for 2014 and 2015, it forms a comprehensive archive.

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For New Year's Eve, I went to a concert by Joel Plaskett in Officers' Square in Fredericton. It was an outdoor concert—the −10°C temperature and light snow made it a very memorable experience. It was followed by an exciting firework display.

2016 NYE Concert