Trip Planning

I've been on the road for my job, so I didn't have a post last week and this will be a relatively short one.

To follow up on my last several posts, I thought I'd share some resources that I found useful in planning that trip:

  • Lonely Planet guidebooks – As useful as online resources are, it's nice to have a book to flip through too. And they tend to have good practical information like typical weather for each month and "Getting There & Away" options for lots of the cities discussed.
  • PopOut Maps – These are conveniently pocket-sized and usually combine a few maps (e.g. at different scales) with metro/transit route charts. (There's a store in Halifax where I shop for these).
  • The Culture Trip website – It has a variety of lists of museums and restaurants (amoung other articles) that sometimes include some unconventional suggestions.
  • GoEuro – This site makes it easy to compare different modes of transportation (flights, trains, and buses) between different cities in Europe. Regional transportation is often not super legible to foreigners (although Google Maps gets better every year) so seeing some comparisons is pretty helpful.
  • Finally, simply panning around an area of interest in Google Earth or Google Maps can be a way to find places that look neat.

note: I haven't received any kind of sponsorship or consideration for any of these recommendations

For anyone coming to my neck of the woods, I've previously written a couple of posts with suggestions of things to see and do. For my travel style, I like to include a mix of cultural and outdoor activities, so I'll also mention the Parkbus service. I haven't used it, but it'd be the exact kind of thing I'd look for in another country to be able to get out of cities to visit cool parks without necessarily having to rent a car of my own.