2022 Year in Review

Annual retrospective

2022 was not a very active year here on The Drafting Table (because it was a very active year at home and at work). I had seven posts, the fewest of any year since I started this blog. However, I've got a backlog of something like 10 partial drafts, so I hope to post at least a little bit more in 2023.  

I did manage to find time for reading, getting through 22 books in '22. A few of them served as starting points for a couple of in-depth posts on water resources in East Asia and rapid improvements in machine learning. I hope to do at least one more lengthy review post on a couple of books, as well as some mini-reviews like I did last year of some of the other books I read, so keep an eye out for those.

Here is the full list of my posts from this year:

And here are links for the past couple of year-end round-ups (which can also take you back further): 2021, 2020.

This past year I got to build a few unique pieces of furniture. I've already shared the tensegrity footstool and tripod lamp (here). A more recent project was a privacy screen / room divider, pictured below. It has a softwood frame and the panels are filled in with pseudo-vintage posters of botanical prints that we found at a cool coffeehouse in Nova Scotia.