2020 Year in Review

My customary annual retrospective.

At the start of the year, I mentioned I intended to reduce my blogging frequency to one or two posts per month. I didn't even hit that target (ending up with 9 posts)—but I had a very good reason: this year I got engaged and married! I'll have a bit more on that below, but first a run-down of my top posts (in my opinion) of 2020.

My favourite blog posts that I wrote in 2020 were a few entries that contained book reviews but also brought in a fair bit of other material on their subjects. There was a two part series (the second part was published just into 2021, but I'm counting it for last year since that's when I did the reading and most of the other research that went into it) on the history and outlook of shipping (trade and naval activities) in the Indian Ocean region and a look at growing biomass (including but not limited to algae) for fun and profit food, feed, fuel, and fibre.

Here is the list of the posts from this year:

To go back further in the archives, check out previous year-end posts:

I already have some ideas for post topics in 2021, starting with some interesting links I've rounded up. We'll see how many I get to.

2020 will be a year that stands out in my memory for sure. I know many people had a very hard time due to the pandemic, whether as a result of illness, job losses, or coping with isolation; I'm sympathetic to that. However, for me personally it was a watershed year. From getting engaged early in the year to going ahead with our wedding (there were some limitations due to Covid-19 protocols, but we were still able to celebrate with local family and friends) to starting to get set up as a combined household there were a lot of causes for joy in my relationship with my now-wife. I'm also grateful that there has been a semblance of normalcy in the (currently-suspended) "Atlantic bubble", albeit at the cost of travel restrictions to the rest of Canada, let alone outside the country.  

A belated Happy New Year to all my readers!