2021 Year in Review

Looking back on another year of writing this blog

Last year, I had only 9 posts. This year, I managed 12, which is within my target of 1 - 2 per month, albeit at the low end. I have a few more drafts started, including a couple that I was hoping to finish before the end of the year, so hopefully I'll be able to at least match this year's output in 2022.

In 2021, I read 20 books. My review of one of them, Lotharingia, was one of my favourite posts of the year. There are other books I read that I intend to feature in some posts early in the new year.

The internet appears like it could become more of a conflict zone (featuring threats from censorship to doxxing and ransomware to psyops). Taking more control over your own online activities is one reasonable reaction to this. The second post I wanted to highlight in this annual round-up is a guide I wrote for doing so (to teach myself as much as anyone). To continue to apply some of what I learned, I put an archive for this year (not including this post or the collections of links, only original content; note that not all the formatting carried over to the .pdf I made, so you can no longer easily identify blockquotes) as an IPFS link, as described in that post. If your browser isn't set up to support IPFS, replace the ipfs:// in the URL with https://ipfs.io/ipfs/.

A third post from the past year that stands out is one that my wife helped edit where we shared some tips on putting on an affordable wedding celebration.

Here is the full list of the posts from this year:

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